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2012/11/08 09:40 PM

Benefits of being a club member


1 – Each new member forms part of our website data base and receives constant communication via the website on group rides, results, routes, races etc. Members may actively take part in website forums and the website is a 1 stop access point to all cycling sites.

2 – Members take part in regular weekend rides usually on Saturday mornings where Cycling groups and distances are arranged according to ability. The distance lengthens as the season progresses. This is a great way to find out the best and safest routes in and beyond the Vaal Triangle, build on your skills and endurance, and have fun at the same time.

3 – 50% discount to all Spectrum Sport presented events

4 – Safety in numbers  is a great benefit,  especially for our female cyclists.

5 –If you’re like most of us and like to challenge yourself against other riders, you might consider trying our time trials. This involves you racing a set distance against the clock. The fastest person wins but if you manage to beat your personal best you are a winner as welll. Simple and fun and happens each week on a Wednesday in the summer! You get the opportunity to improve your riding skills and endurance on a short but undulating semi technical course. This also gives you the chance to meet similarly skilled and like-minded people.

6 – The club will remain active in winter with group rides and monthly social events ranging from speakers to demos of new equipment and bike fitting. It’s a great opportunity to connect with cycling friends when the cold wind is blowing outside.

7 – From 2013 You will not be able to purchase a CSA license without being affiliated to a Club, you therefore will be required to buy a R35 day license at every event. The Club also offers support to help club members  register with CSA.

8 – Group entries to major races.

10 - Subsidized Cycling Kit – ( +/- 50% saving on Top class club branded cycling kit)

11 -  NWU Vaal MTB hospitality area at certain races where your family and fellow riders can get together after the race or while waiting for you to finish a race.

12 – Youth can learn from the older more experienced riders and parents feel safe when their children cycle with senior or adult support.

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